Sunday, August 05, 2007

Summer Sounds of '66

Yesterday, my regular PBS station WGTE was in pledge mode, so they carried "Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures" which was nice. Thankfully, I had WBGU to watch this week's regularly scheduled Welk show, "Summer Sounds" from 1966 with wraps hosted by Peggy Lennon.

Here are some highlights....we will start with the Blenders singing "Go Ahead Charlie" with Charlie Parlato and Jo Ann Castle in the park.

Here's Jo Ann again, this time with Aladdin and Bob Lido in this number titled, "Paddlin' Madeline."

Now we head for the islands with Dick Dale and the Lennon Sisters in this calypso number titled "Marianne."

And after a long hard day of singing and entertaining, what better way to relax and unwind with a picnic in the park.

I hope no one forgot to bring the peanut butter and M&M's!

Regardless of what you were able to watch, it was a great day of champagne viewing as always on the tube.

Next week, WGTE is in pledge mode still....but I do believe WBGU will carry "Salute To Nashville."


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