Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lawrence Welk the Third

Today is the birthday of Lawrence Welk the Third, the Maestro's grandson and also Tanya's and Larry Welk Jr's firstborn!

Here's Larry as a kid from the 1974 Christmas special....

And here's Larry, all grown up, with his pop co-hosting the wraparounds from one of the Welk shows shown on public television!

Today, Larry the Third is very successful in his own right....he is Chief Pilot and reporter for KCBS and KCAL TV in Los Angeles where he has won two Emmys for his work, he is also a solid family man...married with kids of his own!

Happy Birthday Larry.....check out his profile from the KCBS Channel 2 wepage.



Chus said...

This is what I think: The Lawrence Welk Show

elana snyder said...

Watching Christmas special now! (Im 53)