Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kathy Lennon and the Otwells

Today, we have make that three.....birthdays of music makers today,
Kathy Lennon of the Lennon Sisters

And the Otwell Twins, Roger and David!

Kathy joined the Welk show with her sisters on Christmas Eve 1955 and stayed on until all four departed in 1968. She's known as the "athletic" one, and has a beautiful, pure singing voice...who also sang duets with Steve Smith.

Today, Kathy and husband Jim Daris make their home in Branson....

The Otwells joined the music makers in 1977 from Tulia, Texas and teamed up the Aldridge Sisters as the Aldridges and Otwells.

They sing mostly country and Christian ispirational music, and today...both brothers are happily married and make their home back in Texas in the community of Amarillo.

Happy Birthday Kathy, Roger and David, here's a champagne toast to you!


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shirleygrrl said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!