Sunday, August 12, 2007

Barbara Boylan

Start dancing the cha cha with a waltz as well, today is Barbara Boylan's birthday today!

She was Bobby Burgess' dancing partner on the Welk show from 1961 to 1967 and for a brief period in 1979, here's Barbara ah her best through the years!

Her salad days, the 1960s

The 1970s, when she made her "comeback" to the show

And today, still has that sparkling Barbara Boylan smile!

She's been married to Greg Dixon (one of the Blenders) for forty years, and is still dancing up a storm!

Happy Birthday Barbara.....keep dancing to that champagne beat.



Chelsea said...

This is so sweet! Barbara was my dance teacher for years when I was growing up. I just adored her.

Karen said...

Barbara, I was born in '66 but to me, it was the wrong generation! I never tire of watching you dance in '61 to Calcutta with Bobby Burgess. You have such grace and femininity. Women today need to take notes from you.

Elaine said...

I was just a kid in 1961 when Barbara and Bobby danced to Calcutta on Lawrence Welk. The tune was such a big hit that the square dance group that I was involved with decided to work out a routine to it and dance it at the big "round-up" that we attended once a year and was attended by groups from all over So.Cal. It was so much fun, but I never got tired of seeing Barbara and Bobby's performance of the tune, which is the best ever. I watched it now and went back in time! Thanks!