Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Musical Family Kids - Julie Hovis

On today's edition of Musical Family Kids, we will put the spotlight on Guy & Ralna's daughter Julie Hovis.

Viewers were first introduced to Julie back on the Welk show's New Years Eve program in 1977 by proud parents Guy Hovis and Ralna English.

Here's a few of the pictures shown by our Happily Married Singing Couple on that program....

Later, she would appear on camera with her parents on many of the annual Christmas shows.

Today, Julie is all grown up, a proud graduate of Arizona State University, where she teaches elementary school in the Phoenix school system.

Recently, Julie became a newlywed as she got married. Along with that, her career, education and many other accomplishments, her parents are without a doubt very proud of her.

You can see her wedding pictures online, over on Ralna's webpage it's broken down in five parts.

Also, there's some great pictures of the happy event on Welknotes!

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Unknown said...

I'll never forget how awful she acted when her parents brought her on the show. We felt embarrassed for them as I'm sure they were embarrassed. Looks like she turned out great!!