Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tom Netherton - Hall of Famer

This week at Minot, North Dakota's Hostfest....Tom Netherton is the newest inductee into the Scandinavian-American Hall of Fame.

We at Welk Musical congratulate him on a honor so well deserved.

For a full report, and who else was inducted (like that even matters around here), just click on NETHERTON PERFORMS, IS INDUCTED


Anyone want some Apples and Bananas?

From 1965, here's organist Jerry Burke in one of his last appearances on the Welk show before his death as he joins Frank Scott at the harpsichord and Buddy Merrill at guitar as they play "Apples & Bananas" one of the Welk orchestra's popular recordings.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Cissy and Bobby on the Go Go

Those who say Lawrence Welk ain't hip? Pox to them!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

For some reason, I have this craving....

....for stadium brown mustard, and I just can't place a finger why



Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lynn Anderson's Birthday Rose Garden

Happy Birthday Lynn, and that's a promise, promise!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Arthur Duncan's Happy Birthday Feast of Feet

Taps to you Arthur!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guy Hovis' Southern Fried Birthday Grits

Happy Birthday Guy!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doin' it for the first time.....the Calcutta that is

For Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan, it was a night to remember....

From 1961, here's Barbara and Bobby dancing to "Calcutta" for the very first time on the Welk Show!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

R.I.P - Musical Family News (1991-2009)

I got word from the Welknotes Yahoo group, OETA (The Oklahoma Network) which distributes the Lawrence Welk Show to public television has decided to put an end to the Musical Family newsletter.

Personally, I had fond memories of Musical Family was 2001 after the airing of Milestones and Memories that I subscribed to the newsletter as part of my pledge to my local PBS station. I always looked forward to each quarterly issue, from those humble beginnings came about this webpage and this blog.

Even as my Champagne Web Empire continues to grow, I still faithfully read each new issue up until this year. At first, I thought it may have been a subscription glitch, or otherwise up until now.

Here's the official OETA press release

Notice: "Welk Musical Family News" Newsletter To be Phased Out Effective
October 1, 2009

It's with a great deal of sadness that we announce THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW MUSICAL FAMILY NEWS quarterly newsletter will be phased out during the next 12 months. Beginning October 1, 2009, no new or renewed subscriptions will be available. Current subscribers will continue to receive the paper until their subscription expires.   
This decision was not reached easily. However, this action has become necessary due to increased costs of production (paper, printing, postage, etc.) over the past four years and greatly decreased paid subscriptions during the same time period.
We want to express our deep appreciation to all the Welk Fans who have supported THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW MUSICAL FAMILY NEWS since it began in 1991.  We appreciate your understanding very much.
To help stay up-to-date with many of the MUSICAL FAMILY from THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW, may we suggest you visit the following web sites:
The Lawrence Welk Show:
Jo Ann Castle:            
The Lennon Sisters:                   
Ralna English:
Guy Hovis:                
Tom Netherton:
Ken Delo:                            
Cissy King:                        
Tanya Welk:                       
Ava Barber:
Jim Turner:                 
Bob Ralston:
Arthur Duncan:
Johnny Zell:
Buddy Merrill:
Tim Padilla (Branson shows):
Fan Club (maintained by fans):    (maintained by fans) (maintained by fans)
If you have any questions concerning THE LAWRENCE WELK MUSICAL FAMILY NEWS, please contact Traci Burnett at OETA at 1-800-879-6382.


Elaine Balden's Birthday Waltz

Happy Birthday Elaine!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Return of Dancing With The Stars

Okay Tom and Samantha, you getting to work on having the Champagne Music Makers appear in the Macy's Stars of Dance segment?

Tonight was the first of the three night season premiere of DWTS, sixteen celebrities and their dance partners going after a mirrorball trophy.

The male stars were up first, only in America where you'll see Michael Irvin and Tom Delay do the Viennese Waltz....and get the creepy chills as well.

Donny Osmond looked sharp, and Chuck "Don't call me Barney" Liddell had the moves too.

Tommorow, the ladies will take to the dance floor...and I'll be watching 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do You Remember....Or Did You Forget?

....that this week is another brand new classic Welk show is on public television?

This week, the theme is "Do You Remember?" from 1974, a show filled with songs that the young at heart will remember.

Yeah I know, it's basically every episode from the series given it's core audience but this one is special, filled with nostalgic fun and memorable musical numbers.

And Mary Lou Metzger is back hosting the show least for this week

Here are some highlights from this week's show

It's a Senior's Day Picnic at the park.....

....where the ladies all look like Thelma "Mama" Harper from Mama's Family



Sorry 'bout the interruption....moving on

Lawrence shows his Music Makers why he's the Accordion Hero....


....and enjoys a nice dance with his longtime secretary Lois Lamont.

DO YOU REMEMBER? - April 27, 1974

1. DO YOU REMEMBER - Gail, Ken, Guy, Ralna, Joe, Anacani, Jimmy, Sandi, Bobby, Cissy, Jack and Mary Lou
2. TEDDY BEAR - Ava Barber
3. REMEMBER ME - orchestra
5. MOMENTS TO REMEMBER - Guy Hovis & Ralna English
6. OVER THE WAVES (THE LOVELIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR) - Myron Floren (later Lawrence) on accordion, Richard Maloof on tuba, Johnny Klein on drums and Neil Levang on guitar with Bob Smale at the piano plus dancing by Lawrence Welk (later Myron) and Cissy King
7. SLEEPIN' AT THE FOOT OF THE BED - Buddy Merrill and Larry Hooper with comedy assist by Charlie Parlato
8. YOU'RE SIXTEEN, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU'RE MINE - Dick Dale, Larry Hooper, Kenny Trimble and Charlie Parlato
9. YOU'VE GOTTA BE A FOOTBALL HERO - Norma, Cissy, Sandi, Mary Lou, Anacani, Ralna, Joe, Larry, Jimmy, Curt (Ramsey), Guy, Dick, Kenny and Charlie and also sung by Jack Imel, Bobby Burgess and Arthur Duncan
11. I REMEMBER IT WELL - Ken Delo and Gail Farrell
12. MEDLEY OF SONGS FROM "CAROUSEL" - orchestra conducted by George Cates
13. QUE SERA SERA (WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE) - Sandi Griffiths with Gail Farrell, Mary Lou Metzger and Anacani, Ralna English and Norma Zimmer
14. MY BLUE HEAVEN - Jimmy Roberts with Buddy Merrill on guitar
15. MY BLUE HEAVEN (REPRISE) - Buddy Merrill instrumental guitar solo
16. ALL I REALLY NEED IS A GIRL - danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King
17. MY FAVORITE THINGS - Norma Zimmer
18. THE GIRL THAT I MARRY - Tom Netherton with Bob Ralston at the Thomas organ
19. SUGARTIME - Anacani with Richard Maloof on bass, Buddy Merrill on guitar, Bob Smale on piano and Johnny Klein on drums

This was a fun episode, it was also nice to see Buddy Merrill get plenty of airtime. In addition to playing the guitar, this immensely talented young man is also a great singer and a all 'round fine musician. The Maestro, when it came to hiring musicians, had a keen eye for talent!

On a somber note, from Buddy's site, we're saddened to hear that his wife Connie passed away this past July after a long illness, our condolences go out to him and his family.

Keep a song in your heart and your Fender Stratocaster finely tuned!


Friday, September 18, 2009

This Day in Welk History - September 18, 1965

It was forty-four years ago today that the Lawrence Welk Show aired it's first episode in color on the ABC network!

Now Champagne Music aficionados could see their favorite stars in shades other than black & white.

The episode, aired on location at the Maestro's resort in Escondido, featured the Lennon Sisters and the Blenders at the pool, Peggy Lennon and husband Dick Cathcart sing "You're The Cream In My Coffee" plus we get to see Dee Dee Lennon play a round of golf!

With the advent of color, musical numbers and the wardrobe would be more colorful and spectacular than ever!

Yup, the times are-a-changin'


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pianoside with Kathie Sullivan

Give her some good piano backing Bob Ralston.... it's your turn Bob Smale


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Natalie Nevins with an inspirational album

Time to probe back into my record collection, and today I found this gem.

It's titled "Miss Natalie Nevins singing I Believe and other Great Inspirational Songs"

This Ranwood Records release from 1968 I guess highlights Natalie's pure singing voice accompanied by great backing vocals from her fellow Champagne Music Makers and fine band work by the orchestra such as Bob Ralston at the organ and Frank Scott at the harpischord.

It's an album filled with religious and inspirational are two cuts for your listening pleasure.
The first one is "It Is No Secret" 

And the next one is her version of "Climb Every Mountain"

Here's the complete listing of songs, found on ebay or an vinyl store near you! (If you search hard enough)

1. I BELIEVE (2:20)
3. IT IS NO SECRET (2:40)
6. I KNOW WHAT GOD IS (2:20)

4. HE (2:25)


Monday, September 14, 2009

Memories play on for Jayne Walton

The San Antonio Express-News has written a nice article about Jayne Walton Rosen, Lawrence Welk's Champagne Lady from 1940 to 1945


Below is a shot of her from the Milestones & Memories reunion show in 2000


Dick Dale's Birthday Jamboree

Happy Birthday Dick!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Salute to the Swing Bands

Goodman, Kyser and Miller....

They all make things right here on Jukebox Saturday Night.

I'm of course referring to Benny Goodman, Kay Kyser and Glen Miller all whom are giants of the Swing Bands (and let us not forget Lawrence Welk!)

And that's the title of this week's show from February 24, 1979.

This week's host is Bobby Burgess, me thinks it will be a different Music Maker hosting each week.

Highlights from the show include.....

Johnny Zell blowing into his trumpet

Barbara and Bobby reunited and feeling good dancing together again....

And the Maestro leading the band, not knowing he does not have his trusty baton.
SALUTE TO THE SWING BANDS - February 24, 1979

1. STRING OF PEARLS - the orchestra
2. SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY - Guy Hovis & Ralna English
3. BOOGIE WOOGIE - danced by Barbara Boylan and Bobby Burgess
4. SOPHISTICATED LADY - saxohone section featuring Dick Dale, Russ Klein, Dave Edwards, Bob Davis and Henry Cuesta
5. AMAPOLA - Anacani with Bob Lido on marocas and Jack Imel on marimba
6. CUTE - danced by Arthur Duncan
7. SO RARE - Ken Delo
8. THE WOODCHOPPER'S BALL - orchestra featuring Henry Cuesta and his clarinet, Bob Havens on trombone, Russ Klein on saxophone and Bob Smale on piano
9. YOU BELONG TO ME - Kathie Sullivan with Bob Smale on piano
10. CHERRY PINK AND APPLE BLOSSOM WHITE - Johnny Zell on trumpet 
11. AND THE ANGELS SING - Sheila (Aldridge), Sherry (Aldridge), Anacani, Ralna, Sandi (Griffiths), Gail (Farrell), Roger (Otwell), David (Otwell), Jimmy (Roberts), Curt (Ramsey), Ken and Guy
12. I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN - Tom Netherton
13. JUKEBOX SATURDAY NIGHT - danced by Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel
14. FRENESI - Henry Cuesta on clarinet
15. BYE BYE LOVE - The Aldridge Sisters and the Otwell Twins

16. TUXEDO JUNCTION - Ava Barber
17. FOR YOU - Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston on organ
18. AMERICAN PATROL - orchestra
19. IN THE MOOD - orchestra with dancing by Bobby & Barbara, Mary Lou & Jack, Ken and Gail, Arthur & Anacani

That's this week's show in a nutshell.....Keep a song in your heart and your Bobby Socks hiked up and free of holes!