Wednesday, August 01, 2007

All Hail the New Season of Welk

Here's the 8-1-07 picture of the day, Lawrence and his musical family from the first show of the 1969-70 season with Sandi & Sally reading the Riot Act to the boss about his "new" look!

Also, OETA has released a partial list of the 2007-08 season of Welk shows, and there's plenty of new ones that I am looking forward to seeing.

The fun officially begins on September 8th, with Mary Lou interviewing Arthur Duncan. So far, the schedule goes up to Thanksgiving with more to be added later. Among the shows included are "Salute To Big Cities" and "Salute To Jimmy McHugh" with Bobby Burgess and Ralna English be interviewed respectively.

But there are two I have my eyes on, "Fashion Hits Through The Years" and on Thanskgiving, a Turkey Day episode with Sandi Griffiths being interviewed.

I know that Rocky Rockwell and the Aldridge Sisters did do interviews, and I'll bet the house that their shows will be aired later in the season.


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