Sunday, August 19, 2007

Live from New York.....'s Saturday Night, but it's not what you're thinking.

It's time for another Dodge Dancing Party (Lawrence Welk Show) and from August of 1958, a live broadcast from New York City in glorious black & white!

Now let's go to some highlights from this week's episode,

Here's the Maestro with the Lennon Sisters, showtime that day just happened to fall on Kathy Lennon's birthday so everyone in the audience and the cast sing her the birthday song!

The host of these wraparounds are by Big Tiny Little,

Here's Tiny with the fellers in a comedic number, their own rendition of the Coasters' classic rock smash "Yakety Yak."

And here's Tiny at the ragtime piano taking Manhattan with his honk tonk tickles of the ivory!

A great episode and a great show for the Big Apple, and of course their legendary Madison Square Garden concert would take place thirteen years and a month later!

Until next week, the Bronx is up and the Battery is down.


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