Monday, July 06, 2009

A look back at some Musical Family weddings

This is going to be a busy month for yours truly, I have already been to one wedding (my cousin's) followed by another one in just under two weeks from now....

....and the Lennon Sisters concert in Columbus sandwiched in between!

So with marital bliss on the brain, here are a few of the weddings involving Mr. Welk's musical family.

There's Barbara Boylan and Greg Dixon from 1967

Tanya Falan and Larry Welk Jr from 1968....

Bobby Burgess and Kristi Floren from Valentines Day 1971....

of course there's Mary Lou Metzger and Richard Maloof in '73

And forty years ago, Sandi and Brent Griffiths tied the knot

Finally, and added bonus, Tanya's son Larry Welk 3rd got hitched in 1993!

By the way, I did catch the garter....maybe I'll actually have luck with girls for once.


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