Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tour of Southern California

For the last scheduled Welk episode in 2007, what a great way to finish up the year than with a Musical Tour of Southern California which originally aired on April 3, 1982.

Here's the cast in the opening number, "This Land Is Your Land",

The numbers in thew show were diverse as Southern California itself.....such as Anacani's number "Cielito Lindo" and "Pass Me By" sung by Gail, Ron and Michael.

Here's Arthur Duncan with his snappy footwork dancing to the tune "I'm Walkin, I'm Talking & I'm Hoping" assisted by Sheila and Sherry Aldridge, Anacani & Mary Lou Metzger.

Next, we have Ralna English and Guy Hovis singing about those "Far Away Places" at LAX getting ready to board the next flight to one of such places!

How about a trio of accordianists! Playing for you is Joey Schmidt, Lawrence and Myron Floren with "It's A Small World". I'm gonna have that damn song stuck in my head for the next few days.

The band featured great instrumentals such as "Say Si Si", the 1812 Overture and some champagne dancing music such as "I've Told Every Little Star".

Also, there's a dreamy version of "California Dreamin" sung by the Aldridge Sisters and Otwell Twins, Ken Delo and the Hotsy Totsy Boys over at Santa Ana Raceway "Runnin' Wild" and the whole cast finishing up the show with "America The Beautiful".

To put this in perspective.....a great show from top to bottom!

The Otwell boys.....Roger and David were both in the hot seat this week, talking to Mary Lou about growing up in Tulia, they got on the Welk show without an audition, and their music work in both Nashville and Amarillo. They also brushed up on their family lives as well.

That's all for this week.....or should I say, this year!

Until 2008, keep a song in your heart.


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