Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Musical Tour of the USA

Well, it took a lot of wheeling and dealing...plus some divine intervention as well...and I was able to get a copy of the "Musical Tour of the USA" episode that aired two weeks ago.

Here are some highlights, such as the gang with the opening number, "This Land Is Your Land".

This episode, first aired on June 1969....has a lot of great numbers, such as the band's arrangement of "Chicago" plus the Maestro was on the organ along with Frank Scott and Bob Ralston for "I Love You Truly" and a great dance routine by Bobby & Cissy to the song "Galveston".

I don't know if this is his debut appearance, but here's Ken Delo with Lawrence after singing his signature hit, the Hawaiian Wedding Song.

Like the United States itself, this episode is filled with diversity....in song that is!

I liked Tanya Falan's version of the Beatles' smash "Can't Buy Me Love", plus Jo Ann Castle's "On The Beach At Waikiki" on the ragtime 88s.

And here's a real treat, Ralna English in the solo spot singing "Buy The Time I Get To Phoenix" which I really liked as well....and I betcha Glen Campbell did too.

Sandi & Sally sang "Do You Know The Way To San Jose" while Bob Lido and Larry Hooper sang about their San Fernando Valley is their home, plus Steve Smith sang about he and his girl will take Manhattan (the Bronx and Staten Island).

And what fine way to end the show than with Bob Havens on his trombone playing the "St. Louis Blues" which the musical family really dig!

Tanya was in the hot seat for one of Mary Lou's interviews, she talked about her family....which included her son Nicky's recent wedding.....her recent work noth as a designer and singer, she recently was part of the Chicago Barrister's Ball which sounds like alot of fun along with her adventures on the Welk show.

That's what I call an hour well spent! Now if I can only get a copy of the "Salute to Johnny Mercer" episode....everything will be right in this world.


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