Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Show '67

Talk about perfect timing, the snow if falling here in Toledo which leads us to this week's episode titled "Winter" from December 2, 1967.

Here's the gang getting things started with "Button Up Your Overcoat"

The show has several memorable numbers, including great instrumentals such as "People Will Say Were In Love" and "You're Just In Love".

Here's the Lennon Sisters singing "It's A Marshmallow World"

Also, here's Lynn Anderson making eyes at bassist Richard Maloof while singing "Promises, Promises".

And speaking of instrumentals, here's one titled "The Flea" featuring Charlie Parlato, Bob Ralston, Jack Imel and Johnny Klein showing off that crazy rhythm!

Notice that Bob is playing the electronic harpischord, which Lawrence says that it was designed by George Cates.

Other fine numbers include, "I Could Have Danced All Night" by Andra Willis, "I Believe" by Norma Zimmer, "Little Bells and Big Bells" danced by Cissy and Bobby and Joe Feeney with "Padre".

And of course, there's Mary Lou Metzger's interview with Dianne "Dee Dee" Lennon.

Here, Dee Dee talks about being the eldest of all eleven Lennon children and her life on the show. Also, she touches on her own she met Dick Gass, her husband of 47 years and her love of sports....such as golf which she first played with her dad at age six.

It's a great show, we'll worth the wait after repeats and pledge specials!

Next week, a Welk Christmas show.....complete with interview with Norma Zimmer, so until next week....stay warm and keep a song in your heart!


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Mike said...

While we're here, the best musical numbers are:

1) Bob Ralston's uptempo All of Me
2) Jack Imel's Lover (a black and white episode, if I recall)