Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dee Dee and Sherry's Birthday Haiku

It's time for another Musical Family birthday today....and this one is a double shot!

Dianne (Dee Dee) Lennon and Sherry Aldridge were born on this day, and for this occasion.....each one of the birthday girls will be saluted by a haiku,

First, let's start with Dee Dee....

Her name is Dianne

But they call her Dee Dee

Leader of the Lennons

Nice huh? And now here is Sherry's haiku....

Let us meet Sherry

You can call her Sher

Who sings with sister Sheila

I hope you liked them, and does Dee Dee and Sher

Happy Birthday ladies!


1 comment:

Tom Autry said...

Dee Dee Lennon the leader of the greatest female singing group in history !