Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vacations show from 1980

This week's Lawrence Welk episode is a salute to vacations from 1980, here at the ice cream parlor...we see Sheila and Sherry Aldridge enjoy a nice ice cream sundae with Jim Turner!

Here's the duo of Ralna English and Guy Hovis singing "Leavin' On A Jet Plane"

And now here's Elaine and Bobby dancing to the sounds of "Come To The Mardi Gras"

And here's the gang with the closing number, "Louisiana Hayride",

However, this is not Louisiana and I don't see any hay or hayrides anywhere..

The waraparounds are hosted by Kathie Sullivan, and it was a very fun and relaxing show indeed. Joey Schmidt appears on the show playing "The Carnival Of Venice" on the accordian, the band plays renditions of both "Tuxedo Junction" and "Moonglow" complete with Gail Farrell's high obligattos.

How the heck does she do that?

Next week, it's "County Fair 1967" on many of these PBS stations, like mine!


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Larry Hooper's final show