Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Memories of Match Game

Anyone who likes game shows, or has GSN on their cable....knows all about the classic game show Match Game, hosted by Gene Rayburn.

And of course...all Lawrence Welk fans know that two times, in 1979 and 1981, our Gail Farrell appared on the celebrity panel....matching BLANK and BLANK

I have all of her shows from '81....but I am still looking for her first three shows from '79....and you can tell that she had wunnerful fun both times!

Here are some YouTube clips of Gail at her best....first when she's given a great introduction by Gene...

And second, when she's playing the big money supermatch for $10,000....

Here's another gem...as my tribute to celebrity panelist Charles Nelson Reilly, from the guys at Mystery Science Theater 3000....Crow's one man tour-de-farce production of "Give 'Em Hell...BLANK!"

Personally....I'm looking forward to the sequel, where Gail is sitting with the panel.

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