Saturday, June 02, 2007

Memories of Precious Memories....and GO CAVS!

Tonight, in many markets, "Easy Listening" is supposed to air...but here in Toledo, they are in mini-pledge mode so that means I'm getting the pledge special "Precious Memories" for the sixteen thousandth time.

Thank god I have Bowling Green to fall back on...

But still, Precious Memories...orginally taped on Labor Day 2004, was one of the finer Welk pledge specials, here are some....well.....precious memories!

The cast in the opening number, fellows in their tuxes and the ladies in their deep red velvet dresses....

The Lennon Sisters....Kathy, Janet and Mimi singing "Ava Maria".

The talented and lovely Gail Farrell...singing "You Can Do Anything".

Joe Feeney and his son Chris...all grown up.....singing "Walk On" with such gusto!

And the finale, everybody gathered around the piano singing a meldey of that old time religious hymns and songs!

In case of reference, the Welk stars in this special include the Feeneys, Lennons, Gail, Ralna English, Jo Ann Castle, Mary Lou Metzger, Tom Netherton, Ken Delo, Norma Zimmer, Guy Hovis and Bob Ralston.

Maybe I will switch back and forth and watch a bit of the show tonight....

....and at eight, watch the Cavaliers take down the Pistons in Game Six of the NBA Eastern Finals!

Since I have Sirius radio....I'll have the TV muted and listen to Joe Tait's play-by-play.

Better get the popcorn ready, this will be a wunnerful Saturday night!


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