Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bob Davis

Let's meet another fine Champagne Music Maker today, from the reeds and woodwinds section it's Bob Davis!

The native son of Brawley, California first joined the Welk orchestra in 1965 when longtime favorite Bill Page left. Bob, whose previous experience included stints with the Les Brown band, soon fit right in with that Champagne sound.

Over a span of seventeen years, Davis played both the flute, saxophone, piccolo and clarinet. He also dated Sally Flynn during the early 1970s and later on was married to Sherry Aldridge of the Aldridge Sisters.

After making his home in Nashville for a while with his own band, "Bob Davis and his Prime Time Orchestra", he now makes his home in Fort Pierce, Florida where he's still making music....he and his band performs at venues in the area.


John Hartman said...

Great teacher

Anonymous said...

Bob taught me so much about playing Alto Sax in just two years...I can never repay him. Music friends forever!!
Tom O'Neill, Vero Bech, FL

Anonymous said...

I was wondering is he still alive?