Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hoagy Carmichael

This week, the music makers pay tribute to the music of Hoagy Carmichael; here's the gang dressed in their finest starting the show off with "Old Buttermilk Sky".

Originally aired on March 6, 1982....tonight's episode is filled with many of Hoagy's greatest and best loved tunes, with fine instrumentals such as "Can't Get Indiana Off My Mind", Henry Cuesta's "Stardust" solo on clarinet, "Back Home Again In Indiana" featuring Bob Havens on trombone and Bob Smale at the piano, and provided Arthur Duncan's tap routine with the sounds of "Doctor, Lawyer, Indiana Chief".

Here's Guy & Ralna roughing it by their nice Chevy van (sorry...that's not the super cool GMC van from The A-Team) in their number "Two Sleepy People". Jim Turner turned in a nice performance with "Small Fry" and below are the Aldridge Sisters and Otwell Twins out on a boat singing "Lazy Bones."

I wonder if those are Calvins or Jordaches worn by Sherry and Sheila A?

Anyway, on with the program...we hear from the trio of Gail, Ron and Michael with "The Nearness Of You" and later Dick Dale with "Rocking Chair". We also hear from Anacani with her rendition of "Heart and Soul".

Meanwhile...over at the nightclub, Elaine Balden is dressed as a little old lady which provides Kathie Sullivan and her male companions at her table with the song, "Little Old Lady" and that is followed by Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel with their number "Cool Cool Of The Evening", finished off with a huge cake for "little ol' lady" Elaine!

Is she gonna eat all of that cake by herself? Maybe she should have some of her friends have a slice or two....

Norma Zimmer has her solo, "I Get Along With You" in the show, as well as Ralna English with "Skylark" and the whole gang finishes up the program with "Georgia On My Mind" with Bob Smale back at the piano.

It was a really fun show, and I bet Mary Lou's interview will be just as fun!

In the hot seat this week was Anacani, who talks about her own "musical family" as well as her early years as a teenage performer and getting discovered by Lawrence Welk at his resort in Escondido. She also talks very much about her husband Rudy, and her daughter Priscilla....and what she's up to these days.

Next week, it's the Academy Awards show from 1971....and that too should be a wunnerful show as well.

Just remember to stay warm and's too damn cold this time of year!


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