Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paczki and Records

Happy Paczki Day everyone.....or Happy Fat Tuesday to be exact.

Earlier today, I went up to Detroit for some vinyl record shopping at Car City Records in St. Clair Shores...they got a really nice collection of 45s and 78s of all genres. Here's me in my car, making the trip north up I-75 and as you can tell, the weather is starting to improve from last week....

And inside Car City Records....a sampling of what they have in stock.

I purchased four neat albums; Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water", The Watergate Comedy Hour, Jim Nabors' "Everything Is Beautiful" and of course.....Lawrence Welk's 34 Sparkling Melodies, another classic Ranwood Records release.

After an hour and a half of vinyl huntin'....it's off to nearby Hamtramck to get some tasty paczkis, I found this nice Polish bakery, The New Polka Bakery on Conant Avenue where I got a half dozen of tasty Bavarian Chocolates.

And boy are they delicious! Notice I had one already....and like me, you don't have to be Polish to celebrate Paczki Day.

Admit it....looking at these treats are making you hungry, I wonder what kind of paczkis the Music Makers like the best?

Also, today is Mardi Gras....hope the folks down in New Orleans are having fun!


shirleygrrl said...

Happy Mardi Gras to you too. I had to work so didn't make it down to New Orleans.

I didn't know about Packzi. The bakery reminds me of that movie "Polish Wedding" with Lena Olin. She was so great in it. Ever hear of that movie? I was wondering what the local reaction to it was.

Raoul Duke said...

Next time you're in Hamtramck you might try Record Graveyard on Jos. Campau. It's in the "tall" building right next to Pope Park.

"Polish Wedding" will likely remind people of Hamtramck, much of it was filmed here.