Thursday, February 01, 2007

Those Swingin' Reeds

You've always wondered where the Champagne Music Makers get that wunnerful "swing?" Lets check out one of the reasons why....I give you the Welk orchestra's Reed and Woodwind section, decade by decade!

First, let us start with the fifties.....

Left to Right: Bill Page, Orie Amodeo, Russ Klein, Jack Martin and Dick Dale.

And now we move on to the sixties....

Left to Right: Bob Davis, Orie Amodeo, Russ Klein, Mahlon Clark and Dick Dale

And now here's the boys from the seventies!

Left to Right: Dick Dale, Russ Klein, Dave Edwards, Bob Davis and Peanuts Hucko

And finally, welcome to the eighties....

Left to Right: Henry Cuesta, Bob Davis, Skeets Herfert, Russ Klein and Dick Dale.

No matter what the decade, that champagne music remains the same....swingin' and sparkly!


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