Friday, February 16, 2007

Charlie Parlato

We finally reached Friday, and the start of the weekend....but today is also February 16th, which happens to be music maker Charlie Parlato's birthday!

Born and raised in Fredonia, New York (around the Buffalo area); Charlie started out with numerous bands, such as Kay Kyser's, before joining the Lawrence Welk Orchestra in 1962 as a trumpet player. However, he also had great singing skills and a knack for comedy that he was featured in many of the show's comedic skits.

And his stature at five feet, five inches tall had him stand out from the rest of the Champagne Music makers so to speak!

Although Charlie is now retired from active performing, the Parlato name continues to thrive in the world of music as his grandaughter Gretchen is a very popular and talented jazz singer.

Happy Birthday Charlie, today is your day to stand tall!

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