Sunday, February 11, 2007

Musical Tour of Europe

Pack your bags, let go tour the continent of Europe and its countries, courtesy of Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music Makers!

First aired on January 5, 1974; the gang opens the show with "Around The World" then it is followed by Clay Hart with his acoustic rendition of "Danny Boy"...a very nice way to salute Ireland and a wunnerful number too.

The orchestra is well featured in tonight's show, Bob Ralston and Bob Smale both perform a terrific medley of movie tunes on the piano such as "Theme from Summer of '42" and "Love Story" with help from Johnny Zell at the trumpet. Henry Cuesta wails on the clairnet with "Granada" and George Cates conducts as the band perform of a medley of songs from "Holiday in France".

And we have here Cissy and Bobby doing a nice Spanish dance, the Espana Cani! Anacani also salutes Spain as well with her number, La Paloma accompanied by the guitar twins Buddy Merrill and Neil Levang.

What's Europe without jolly ol' England? Cissy and Bobby team with Jack Imel and Mary Lou Metzger for "The King's Horses and the King's Men" dressed in some really far out duds.

Looks like something Mr. Humphries would wear off hours on "Are You Being Served?"

Arthur Duncan had a nice tap routine to "Danke Schoen", Tom Netherton did very well in the solo spot with his number, "Stranger In Paradise" while Guy & Ralna rocked with "Rock of Ages".

Joe Feeney added his part to the European show with "Galway Bay", Norma Zimmer sang about "Wonderful Copenhagen" and Jimmy Roberts sung about Italy with "Anema e Core" accompanied by the lovely sounds of Charlotte Harris and her cello.

And to finish up Welk's Most Excellent European Adventure, the gang salutes Germany with the "Liechtensteiner Polka" and "Auf Wiedersehn Sweetheart". It will make you wanna go to the Hamler Summerfest down in Henry County!

Mary Lou has in the hot seat this week Guy Hovis, who mentioned that original career aspirations was to be an accountant...and luckly for us, something called singing and showbiz came along. He also talked about his days at Santa Monica's "The Horn" nightclub, his partnership with fellow singer David Blaylock as the team of Guy & David plus his fond days being on the Welk Show.

And then Ralna dropped in for a visit...soon they talked about Guy & Ralna and what "the kids who sang to the senior citizens are now the senior citizens" are up to these days, such as touring live and raising their daughter Julie.

It was a great show from beginning to end, next week is a salute to Hoagy Carmichael....see ya all then!


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