Sunday, September 13, 2009

Salute to the Swing Bands

Goodman, Kyser and Miller....

They all make things right here on Jukebox Saturday Night.

I'm of course referring to Benny Goodman, Kay Kyser and Glen Miller all whom are giants of the Swing Bands (and let us not forget Lawrence Welk!)

And that's the title of this week's show from February 24, 1979.

This week's host is Bobby Burgess, me thinks it will be a different Music Maker hosting each week.

Highlights from the show include.....

Johnny Zell blowing into his trumpet

Barbara and Bobby reunited and feeling good dancing together again....

And the Maestro leading the band, not knowing he does not have his trusty baton.
SALUTE TO THE SWING BANDS - February 24, 1979

1. STRING OF PEARLS - the orchestra
2. SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY - Guy Hovis & Ralna English
3. BOOGIE WOOGIE - danced by Barbara Boylan and Bobby Burgess
4. SOPHISTICATED LADY - saxohone section featuring Dick Dale, Russ Klein, Dave Edwards, Bob Davis and Henry Cuesta
5. AMAPOLA - Anacani with Bob Lido on marocas and Jack Imel on marimba
6. CUTE - danced by Arthur Duncan
7. SO RARE - Ken Delo
8. THE WOODCHOPPER'S BALL - orchestra featuring Henry Cuesta and his clarinet, Bob Havens on trombone, Russ Klein on saxophone and Bob Smale on piano
9. YOU BELONG TO ME - Kathie Sullivan with Bob Smale on piano
10. CHERRY PINK AND APPLE BLOSSOM WHITE - Johnny Zell on trumpet 
11. AND THE ANGELS SING - Sheila (Aldridge), Sherry (Aldridge), Anacani, Ralna, Sandi (Griffiths), Gail (Farrell), Roger (Otwell), David (Otwell), Jimmy (Roberts), Curt (Ramsey), Ken and Guy
12. I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN - Tom Netherton
13. JUKEBOX SATURDAY NIGHT - danced by Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel
14. FRENESI - Henry Cuesta on clarinet
15. BYE BYE LOVE - The Aldridge Sisters and the Otwell Twins

16. TUXEDO JUNCTION - Ava Barber
17. FOR YOU - Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston on organ
18. AMERICAN PATROL - orchestra
19. IN THE MOOD - orchestra with dancing by Bobby & Barbara, Mary Lou & Jack, Ken and Gail, Arthur & Anacani

That's this week's show in a nutshell.....Keep a song in your heart and your Bobby Socks hiked up and free of holes!


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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling as well that there be a different host each week. Snce they did away with the interviews at the end. I like the up and coming shows as well. Would like to see more shows from the early 70's and late 60's. Not every week is a new one.