Sunday, September 06, 2009

Welkin' across the USA in a new syndicated frontier

The year was 1971.

Movies like Shaft and Diamonds Are Forever ruled the box office, and folks were watching All In The Family and The Brady Bunch on the boob tube.

And on September 11th of that year...America was anticipating the debut of the syndicated version of the Lawrence Welk Show.

It was a brave new world, and after being canned by one knew what to expect, but when the lights came on, the horns were a blazin'...the Music Makers didn't miss a beat.
Here this week, it was also the debut show of the 2009-2010 season on public television. Unlike recent years, there's no interview segments, no wraparounds of members of the Musical Family sharing memories, family and career updates...just Mary Lou as host saying "Hello" and enjoy the show.

Yes, it's pretty stripped down....but the basic core remains the same.

And Mary Lou as always does a great job hosting and sharing her I liked the return of the "Coming Soon" segments of upcoming episodes.

Back to 1971, the show was titled "Salute to the USA", here's some highlights and a rundown of the musical numbers featured.

The Maestro is in search of new talent as seen here...

Tanya shows off her flower collection.....

Clay Hart and Buddy Merrill are sweet talking to the boss....
A wild polka with Myron Floren along with Bobby and Cissy.....

....and Bob Lido and Mary Lou Metzger go Hotsy Totsy on your keyster
SALUTE TO THE USA - original airdate: September 11, 1971
1. Thank You Very Much - Mary Lou, Gail, Norma, Ken, Tanya, Dick, Jimmy, Joe, Sally, Sandi, Ralna, Guy, Arthur, Cissy & Bobby
2. Carolina In The Morning - the orchestra
3. By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Tanya Falan
4. Do You Know The Way To San Jose - Bob Smale at harpischord with Buddy Merrill at guitar and vocals by Gail, Mary Lou and Norma
5. Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City - Sandi Griffiths and Sally Flynn
6. New York Medley - Bob Ralston on piano
7. Moon Over Miami - Ralna English & Guy Hovis
8. Chicago - the orchestra with dancing by Cissy King and Bobby Burgess
9. On The Banks of the Wabash, Far Away - Joe Feeney with Mary Lou, Ken, Gail, Jimmy, Dick, Sally, Guy & Ralna
10. Meet Me In St. Louis - tap dancing by Arthur Duncan
11. Tennessee Waltz - Ralna English
12. St. Louis Blues - Peanuts Hucko on clairnet backed by the rhythm section
13. Tiny Bubbles - Dick Dale & Gail Farrell with Buddy Merrill on steel guitar
14. Alabamy Bound - Bob Lido and Mary Lou Metzger plus the Hotsy Totsy Boys
15. Oklahoma! - Ken Delo
16. Missouri Waltz - Bob Ralston on organ and Charlotte Harris on cello
17. M-O-B-I-L-E - Clay Hart (vocals) with Buddy Merrill and Neil Levang all on guitars
18. Beautiful Ohio - Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts
19. Pennsylvania Polka - Myron Floren on accordion with polka dancing by Cissy & Bobby
20. America The Beautiful - Mary Lou, Norma, Tanya, Sandi, Sally, Ralna, Jimmy, Ken, Arthur, Joe, Guy & Dick

Keep a song in your heart, and those hot pants looking sharp!


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Anonymous said...

Hot pants... my goodness.

I'll bet Alice Lon was fuming when she saw that episode! (If indeed she watched the show after the Knee Incident of 1959.)