Tuesday, September 22, 2009

R.I.P - Musical Family News (1991-2009)

I got word from the Welknotes Yahoo group, OETA (The Oklahoma Network) which distributes the Lawrence Welk Show to public television has decided to put an end to the Musical Family newsletter.

Personally, I had fond memories of Musical Family News....it was 2001 after the airing of Milestones and Memories that I subscribed to the newsletter as part of my pledge to my local PBS station. I always looked forward to each quarterly issue, from those humble beginnings came about this webpage and this blog.

Even as my Champagne Web Empire continues to grow, I still faithfully read each new issue up until this year. At first, I thought it may have been a subscription glitch, or otherwise up until now.

Here's the official OETA press release

Notice: "Welk Musical Family News" Newsletter To be Phased Out Effective
October 1, 2009

It's with a great deal of sadness that we announce THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW MUSICAL FAMILY NEWS quarterly newsletter will be phased out during the next 12 months. Beginning October 1, 2009, no new or renewed subscriptions will be available. Current subscribers will continue to receive the paper until their subscription expires.   
This decision was not reached easily. However, this action has become necessary due to increased costs of production (paper, printing, postage, etc.) over the past four years and greatly decreased paid subscriptions during the same time period.
We want to express our deep appreciation to all the Welk Fans who have supported THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW MUSICAL FAMILY NEWS since it began in 1991.  We appreciate your understanding very much.
To help stay up-to-date with many of the MUSICAL FAMILY from THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW, may we suggest you visit the following web sites:
The Lawrence Welk Show:
Jo Ann Castle:
The Lennon Sisters:
Ralna English:
Guy Hovis:
Tom Netherton:
Ken Delo:
Cissy King:
Tanya Welk:
Ava Barber:
Jim Turner:
Bob Ralston:
Arthur Duncan:
Johnny Zell:
Buddy Merrill:
Tim Padilla (Branson shows):
Fan Club (maintained by fans):

www.welkmusicalfamily.com (maintained by fans)
www.welkgirls.com (maintained by fans)
If you have any questions concerning THE LAWRENCE WELK MUSICAL FAMILY NEWS, please contact Traci Burnett at OETA at 1-800-879-6382.


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