Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do You Remember....Or Did You Forget?

....that this week is another brand new classic Welk show is on public television?

This week, the theme is "Do You Remember?" from 1974, a show filled with songs that the young at heart will remember.

Yeah I know, it's basically every episode from the series given it's core audience but this one is special, filled with nostalgic fun and memorable musical numbers.

And Mary Lou Metzger is back hosting the show least for this week

Here are some highlights from this week's show

It's a Senior's Day Picnic at the park.....

....where the ladies all look like Thelma "Mama" Harper from Mama's Family



Sorry 'bout the interruption....moving on

Lawrence shows his Music Makers why he's the Accordion Hero....


....and enjoys a nice dance with his longtime secretary Lois Lamont.

DO YOU REMEMBER? - April 27, 1974

1. DO YOU REMEMBER - Gail, Ken, Guy, Ralna, Joe, Anacani, Jimmy, Sandi, Bobby, Cissy, Jack and Mary Lou
2. TEDDY BEAR - Ava Barber
3. REMEMBER ME - orchestra
5. MOMENTS TO REMEMBER - Guy Hovis & Ralna English
6. OVER THE WAVES (THE LOVELIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR) - Myron Floren (later Lawrence) on accordion, Richard Maloof on tuba, Johnny Klein on drums and Neil Levang on guitar with Bob Smale at the piano plus dancing by Lawrence Welk (later Myron) and Cissy King
7. SLEEPIN' AT THE FOOT OF THE BED - Buddy Merrill and Larry Hooper with comedy assist by Charlie Parlato
8. YOU'RE SIXTEEN, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU'RE MINE - Dick Dale, Larry Hooper, Kenny Trimble and Charlie Parlato
9. YOU'VE GOTTA BE A FOOTBALL HERO - Norma, Cissy, Sandi, Mary Lou, Anacani, Ralna, Joe, Larry, Jimmy, Curt (Ramsey), Guy, Dick, Kenny and Charlie and also sung by Jack Imel, Bobby Burgess and Arthur Duncan
11. I REMEMBER IT WELL - Ken Delo and Gail Farrell
12. MEDLEY OF SONGS FROM "CAROUSEL" - orchestra conducted by George Cates
13. QUE SERA SERA (WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE) - Sandi Griffiths with Gail Farrell, Mary Lou Metzger and Anacani, Ralna English and Norma Zimmer
14. MY BLUE HEAVEN - Jimmy Roberts with Buddy Merrill on guitar
15. MY BLUE HEAVEN (REPRISE) - Buddy Merrill instrumental guitar solo
16. ALL I REALLY NEED IS A GIRL - danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King
17. MY FAVORITE THINGS - Norma Zimmer
18. THE GIRL THAT I MARRY - Tom Netherton with Bob Ralston at the Thomas organ
19. SUGARTIME - Anacani with Richard Maloof on bass, Buddy Merrill on guitar, Bob Smale on piano and Johnny Klein on drums

This was a fun episode, it was also nice to see Buddy Merrill get plenty of airtime. In addition to playing the guitar, this immensely talented young man is also a great singer and a all 'round fine musician. The Maestro, when it came to hiring musicians, had a keen eye for talent!

On a somber note, from Buddy's site, we're saddened to hear that his wife Connie passed away this past July after a long illness, our condolences go out to him and his family.

Keep a song in your heart and your Fender Stratocaster finely tuned!


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Sounds like this was quite the episode.

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