Monday, September 22, 2008

It's up to Guy & Ralna to Beat The Clock!

Representing the Green section, Guy Hovis and Ralna English!

As they try to Beat The Clock!

Thanks to a great heads-up from a loyal fan of Welk Musical, I found out that GSN aired this episode featuring Guy & Ralna from the Monty Hall hosted revival this early Monday morning.

So I went ahead, programmed the DVR and was able to watch if our favorite singing married couple from the Welk Show can win some money!

I'm guessing that this episode aired back in 1980, they mentioned they been married for eleven years.

Here, they try to win money for the studio audience such as rolling a soccer ball into some narrow goalposts....

....and Ralna rolling some hula hoops while Guy tries to catch them, with a broomstick, blindfolded.

Here's Ralna playing the Bonus Shuffle, with some high stakes at stake.....

And Guy is playing a very unusual bonus game.

Oh sure, it looks easy.....


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