Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another awful Rocket loss

Just got back home from a Saturday's night worth of college football at the Glass Bowl, and UT went down in flames....again, 35-16 to Florida International University.

And what's worse, I got the annual changing-of-the-seasons allergies which means I have been coughing and sneezing with the headache on the side.

That really sucks....

Oh well, even when the football team isn't looking good, my alma mater...the University of Toledo is a pretty campus, so here are some pictures I took Thursday when I went bicycle riding,

The Centennial Mall with the bell tower in the background....

The icon itself.....the famous Bell Tower

The Student Union with the fountain in front.....

Savage Hall, where the Rockets play basketball.....

...and the Glass Bowl, site of many triumphs courtesy of the Midnight Blue and Gold.

Tommorrow, I have a rundown of this week's episode of Lawrence Welk.

And like UT, it's a good one!


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