Thursday, September 04, 2008

JB's excellent Branson adventure: Day Three

Well, just got back to the hotel from the theater. This is the second go-around for me, and of course....the Welk Reunion Show was flawess, excellent and stunning!

But first, my adventures in the Land of the Vegas Ozarks for Thursday.

Woke up about 6:30am, showered and got dressed....and headed outside to my surprise, NO RAIN! It was cloudy, cool and overcast but in a pleasant way. I made the all-important choice to head for Krispy Kreme for some tasty doughnuts and that hit the spot.

Later on, after my daily pow-wow with the Welknotes gang at the Stage Door Canteen. It was back in my Olds to Highway 76 where today it was off to Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theatre where the headliners are Bill Medley along with Paul Revere and the Raiders....I didn't see the show but did visit the gift shop.

Taking advantage of the improved weather, I visited Branson's historic downtown area....where the shopping is plentiful. I even found some nice flea markets where I got two vintage Lawrence Welk albums! Also, there was this throwback five and dime where I found some cool stuff such as funny bumper stickers and Mexican jumping beans (seriously!).

No trip to Branson was complete without a visit the the Grand-daddy of Highway 76 shows, the Presley Family Julibee. It's not Elvis, but these Presleys are a talented lot of Ozark hillbilly mountain performers....they along with Silver Dollar City put Branson on the map!

For lunch, it was back to the American Bandstand.....this time, Dick Clark's AB Grille where I munched on a savoury Smokehouse burger and fries topped with a Pepsi....and was surrounded by memorbilla from the show.

Sadly, the Dancing Gino (Official Victory Cigar for the Boston Celtics) didn't show.....vacation officially out the door.

Before going back to the hotel, I stopped off at the Wal Mart for some quickie errands....sadly did not find Andy Williams there doing some shopping. Then checked out the Branson Mall where only in these neck of the woods where you can get live entertainment in the food court. A Johnny Cash tribute artist was holding a concert near the Sbarro and the Panda Express.

.....only in America.

Back at the resort, I FINALLY got to play some of that miniature golf....and I sucked (Not one Hole-In-One), so much for my dreams of being the Tiger Woods of Putt Putt.

And that leads to tonight's concert....great show, gotta wrap things up and go to bed. I'm heading back home....750 plus miles without much fun.

Good night, and keep a song in your heart!


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