Sunday, July 22, 2007

Musical Salute to Los Angeles

This week's show is a musical salute to the city of Los Angeles, where the Welk show has been taped throughout it's 27-year run. Originally aired in 1972, here are a few highlights from this episode!

Here's the opening number, "California, Here I Come."

Meanwhile at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Arthur Duncan is tapping over the cemented footprints with the tippity tap of "Happy Feet."

And here's Mary Lou Metzger as Shirley Temple singing about the Good Ship Lollipop.

Finally, with LA known for it's about a little "Blue Skies" with Bob Havens at the trombone!

This has all the trimmings for a very fine show, and it will have you wanting to take your next vacation to the City of Angels.

Now if they can get a pro football team there.....but that's another topic.


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