Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adventures in Detroit, Fun City USA

On Tuesday, this week....I made one of my fun trips to Car City Records for some wheelin' and dealin of fine vinyl LPs when would you believe traffic on northbound I-75 came to a standstill due to a major accident!

I was stuck here for a solid half an hour, in a construction zone.....on a hot 95 degree day!

Thankfully, I had my digital camera with I snapped a few pictures, here's one with all that black smoke in the distance.

Here's a shot of all the cars at a standstill, my car is the white one to your left.

And all this commotion took place Downriver in Woodhaven, so here's a nice shot of the Ford Stamping Plant.

Finally, after getting a quick lunch from A&W, I was back on my way!

I did find some good records there, including many great Lawrence Welk albums and plenty of Guy & Ralna LPs, plus I traded in some extras for some cool cash.

And on my way back home....I decided to hop onto Michigan and Trumbull to see an old friend,

I do believe the wrecking ball will come soon, but it won't wreck any fine memories of watching Tigers baseball at the corner!

I'll betcha a dollar or two that when Ken Delo was a kid growing up in the "D", he saw a good share of Tigers baseball here.

Now, I'm on my way back's never a dull moment when I go up to the Motor City.


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