Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bob Lido

Today, let's pay a champagne salute to one of most beloved music makers to grace both stage and television, Bob Lido!

Also known as "Bachelor Bob" early on, the native of Jersey City, New Jersey started out with various bands and singers such as Carmen Cavarello and Perry Como before joining Lawrence Welk in 1953. During his thirty year tenure with the music makers, his violin and fiddle playing were very exceptional and popular.

However, it was his singing and comedic skills that really took off.....and when you watch him on reruns, Bob really gets into his work!

Here's Bob with Charlie Parlato and Russ Klein as leader of the Hotsy Totsy Boys, and like Bob himself...they're just a couple of swingin' fellas that are wild causing fun, havoc and great music!

And here's Bob with Gail, Sandi and Mary Lou singing his signature hit "Winchester Cathedral."

He passed on in August 2000 from complications from a stroke, but you can bet your last dollar that he's up in heaven....running wild and leading the fun with music and comedy as well!



Judy Kibbie said...

I just found a photo post card that Bob gave to my grandmother. I don't know the exact time frame, but I'm guessing it was within the late 50's, to early 60's. It's signed, "To Polly, Is he jealous? Bob Lido". Pretty cool. Thats back in the day when stars gave you their REAL autograph, not just some stamp or something totally impersonnal. I will treasure this always.

The Carrie Kelley Fan Series Blog said...

He is my all-time personal male vocalist on the show. He had such wit and talent! We all miss him very much!

Brian O'Connell said...

He owned a donut shop on Woodman Ave in Arleta, CA which was near my house. I saw him there once or twice. He was a funny and talented performer.

Anonymous said...

Well i just found this site about my Uncle Bob at least that's what we called him he was one of the best friends of my mom and dad until his death. He came to our house every Xmas eve for years. He was such a good family friend that he was the God Father to my son Michael in 1966. Our family name was Farino, Aladin also came
for Xmas Eve dinners. He married late in life to Nellie Mom/Dad stood up for them in Santa Barbara.
Lorrie Bryant(Farino)

Edward said...

Bob Lido is my favorite -- although I love all the Welk family members! But, since I am a fanatical fan of 1920's and 1930's music -- well, Bob is my man! His personality must have made him a joy wherever he went. He was truly talented and fully understood the style of that era!