Monday, July 02, 2007

The King of Keyboards.....Bob Ralston

It's another music maker's birthday today.....and this time it happens to be super pianist/organist Bob Ralston!

As a member of the Welk orchestra since 1963, Bob is one of the world's finest keyboardists. His solo instrumentals and his duets with cellist Charlotte Harris have been very popular staples on the show.

And on many occasions, he's teamed up with fellow pianist Bob Smale for several duets, many times on the same keyboard!

When longtime organist Jerry Burke died in 1965, the Maestro looked for someone to fill his shoes....Bob suggested he could, Lawrence agreed and of course....the rest is musical history!

You can check out the latest in concert appearances and other news at his official webpage....and have a chance to work his magic fingers live in concert.

Happy Birthday Bob!


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