Sunday, July 01, 2007

Indiana....or as the title says

This week's episode, according to OETA, is titled "Indiana" which I've seen many times before. Here's the opening number that inspired the name of the opening title, "Back Home Again In Indiana" complete with a mini-tribute to the Indianapolis 500.

That would be the only Indiana reference in the show....everything else is just a mish mash of random musical numbers.

Such as the Lennon Sisters' "There's A Kind Of Hush."

And here's the Maestro with the Cherry Queen of Michigan, ready for some dancing to some of that Champagne Music!

And here's Bob Lido with "Mame", they say he's the David Lee Roth of his generation and it's true....

And of course, Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer hosted the wraparpounds,

Next week is a tribute to the Swing and Sweet Bands with Ava Barber....and I do believe that the new season will start in about two months from now!

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