Friday, December 15, 2006

Tom Netherton

If you happen to be a young man with a deep baritone singing voice, and featured on the Lawrence Welk show with legions of female fans, life has to be very rough....LOL.

Especially if you're Tom Netherton, member of the musical family from 1973 to 1981.

Growing up in Bloomington, Minnesota; Tom served in the Army during the Vietnam conflict, stationed in Panama. While there, he became a born-again Christian and having been torn between a career in music and religion, he followed the same path of another performer, Pat Boone and combined both.

It's been a very wise decision, from Welk and beyond, Tom has entertained millions with his exceptional singing voice and boysih good looks....pefroming both secular and religious concerts and appearing on stage with his acting skills, with such plays as Oklahoma!

And you can still see him work his charm, just check out his official webpage and check for his latest concert dates!

And yes girls, he's still the Maestro used to say.

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