Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After Christmas

How was your Christmas? For yours truly, the blogmeister...it's been fun and very much seasonal.

I spent Christmas Day with my mother, father and younger sister which went very well....I got socks, new pairs of pants and a book about podcasting, something I'm gonna look more into and learn and a shiny new Stiletto, from the good folks of Sirius Satellite Radio!

Once I get the bugs worked out, and then some....I'm really gonna have some fun!

On Saturday, we did get Welk on local public television....it's "America's Wonderland" hosted by Dick Dale. Kinda strange airing a non-holiday Welk show at this time but still, a very good show through and through.

I also spent the holidays sending out Christmas cards to members of the Musical Family, hopefully they got them and liked them, and that in a nutshell turned out to be a fine holiday season so far.

Just remember, only 364 shopping days left until Christmas 2007!

Also, happy Boxing Day to our British and Canadian friends and those living in the Commonwealth realms!


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