Monday, December 18, 2006

Ad Naseum during Christmas

As much as I enjoy the Christmas season, the one thing I don't like too much are the incessant holiday-themed commercials shown on television.

Especially those stupid commercials from Jared's Galleria of Jewelry.

Those particular spots run a common theme, woman brags that boyfriend/husband bought her a five thousand dollar rock from Jared, another woman (who cares only about expensive material things) gets mad at her boyfriend/husband (always comes off as dumb and clueless) that the rock came from Jared.

So the message they convey is if you don't buy your significant other an expensive, over-priced jewelery....she won't love you and you'll be shunned by society.

And that's supposed to be the true meaning of Christmas?

That's just an example of how bad commercials are...more examples include spots for Lexus (December to Remember), Radio Shack (please buy this expensive ipod) and Best Buy (ooo...the Wow Factor).

Lawrence Welk had the right idea when he and his musical family did commercials, they were effective, catchy, to the point and pleasant to Ralna doing a spot for Geritol, Mary Lou Metzger for Rose Milk or the Lennon Sisters below for Universal Appliances.
Too bad they don't make commercials like those anymore!

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