Monday, December 04, 2006

Bob Smale

To get your Mondays going well, and a good start to a new week....let Bob Smale work his magic fingers at the piano.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA (also known as Raider Nation), Smale graduated from Fremont High School and worked with the Mary Kay Trio before joining the Welk Orchestra in 1969. He's an accomplished arranger as well and has provided piano background for Tom Netherton, Ralna English and Jimmy Roberts just to name a few.

But when teamed with fellow pianist and Bob (Ralston that is), they bring back memories of the twin pianists made famous by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians!

Now that's music to my ears!

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mopedkiller said...

RIP, my memmories of Robert are mainly from young childhood, (he and my mother were adolessent friends, I think he was at my parents wedding.) He always had a candy in his pocket for a child, and when i would smile, i think his smile became bigger than mine. showing his glorious heart that still can be SENSED today in the recordings of his music. MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH THE REWARDS YOU HAVE EARNED!