Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday Night in Toledo, Ohio....

.....and it is still pledge time for my local PBS stations, WGTE and WBGU.

WGTE aired "Precious Memories" again this evening, and while it's a very good show....that's two straight weeks! Could they have at least shown "Milestones and Memories" or even "God Bless America" for crying out loud?

They also aired My Music: The Best of Fifties (and Sixties) Pop: Part Two, and I felt that Mary Lou Metzger's co-hosting appearances second time around was very very short...she only appeared in ONE co-host segment (introducing the DeCastro Sisters...whom I never heard of) and two seperate pledge pitches when it came time for everyone to call in.

Still, even though her on-camera time was limited, Mary Lou is lookin' fine....hello nurse.

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