Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tanya Falan

Our featured music maker is the definition of a free spirit, and while she goes by either Tanya Falan, Tanya Falan Welk, Tanya Welk or Tanya Welk Roberts....she is without a doubt talented, funny, nice and gorgeous!
She joined the Welk organization in time for the New Years' Eve show of 1967 by way of Disneyland where she had her band, Tanya and the Thunderbirds. The native of Glendale, CA also became part of Lawrence Welk's own family when in the summer of '68...married his son Larry Jr, who would later be the mother of two sons, Lawrence the Third and Kevin....both whom today are very successful with their own careers and with family.

Tanya, during her years on the show, has sung numerous solos, featured with the chorus....sang with Anacani as a duo and has done comedic skits with fellow Italian music makers Bob Lido and Charlie Parlato, and off an excellent cook, her home has been the centerpiece of many musical family gatherings such as holiday parties, birthdays and showers.
After leaving the show in 1977, Tanya has gone on with performing and has also worked as a talented interior decorator, today she and her second husband, Kenny Roberts, still lives in Southern California. You can still see her sing live....especially with the Forever Blowing Bubbles tour of Welk alumni, coming to a town near you!

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