Saturday, July 08, 2006

Salute to the Big Bands 1980

This week's episode marks the first of four straight new shows, also the last four new shows of the season, for all of us Welk fans courtesy of your public television station.

Tonight, we got Salute To The Big Bands which first aired nationwide on December 13,'s the Maestro introducing the first number sung by the music makers, "And The Angels Sing."

It's a nostaglic trip down big band memory lane, featuring spectaular numbers by the Aldridge Sisters and Otwell Twins with "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree" made famous by another sibling act, the Andrews Sisters. Guy Hovis also had a solo number in this week's show titled "I Should Care" which he did a great job with.

Ava Barber, with help from the orchestra, sang "Heartaches" and Tom Netherton accompanied by Bob Ralston at piano sang "You're Nobody Til' Somebody Loves You" and below here's Arthur Duncan with a few of his friends dancing to "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing" wah, do wah, do wah, do wah.....sorry I just couldn't resist adding that.

You can tell that Arthur and his gang are having some fun tonight!

There were a "String Of Pearls" played by the orchestra, Myron Floren playing a little "Sunrise Serenade" with help at the organ by Bob R, and Ken Delo singing "Gotta Have A Date With An Angel." There was the St. Louis Blues march done splendidly by drummers Paul Humphrey and Jack Imel and of course the show would not be complete with the trio of Gail, Ron & Michael singing "In The Mood".

And that my friends, with a few excellent songs more, make for a great trip down big band memory lane!

And now there's Mary Lou's interview with our favorite country gal Ava Barber....she talks about how she began singing first in her crib as a baby and how she and husband Roger Sullivan first met while in high school and getting on the Lawrence Welk Show for the first time.

Ava discussed her hit records, "Waitin' At The End Of Your Run" and "Bucket To The South" with the latter charting at #13 on the US Billboard Charts and #12 in Canada, plus how she became friends and phone pals with a TV legend, one we all know as Matlock!

Of course I am talking about Andy Griffith who is also a fine gospel singer too.

It was a fine hour's worth of can visit Ava Barber in cyberspace by visiting her newly designed official webpage.

Next week's show is a classic B&W show complete with Mary Lou's interview with Big Tiny review will be a few days late cause on Saturday, I'll be in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see Guy & Ralna, Anacani, Jo Ann Castle and Arthur Duncan live in concert and in addition to next week's writeup....I'll provide pics and details from the show on Welk Musical!

Stay safe, stay cool and keep a song in your heart!


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