Saturday, July 29, 2006

Music Memories from 1969

This week's episode was very trippy indeed...pure 1960s kitsch with Music Memories from January 25, 1969. In this show, the maestro himself played many favorite songs from the popular, inspirational and big band genre....and there were plenty of Bobby & Cissy too!

Here's the trio of Sandi Griffiths, Sally Flynn and Andra Willis bringing back memories of the Andrews Sisters with "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen"...and they happened to sound and look great in the process. The band also played another Andrews Sisters' hit, "The Pennsylvania Polka". We also heard from Dick Dale in the solo spotlight with "Linda" and music makers Kenny Trimble, Charlie Parlato and Larry Hooper paying homage to the Guy Lombardo Trio with "Boo Hoo".

Here's Norman Bailey playing his ever popular trumpet solo, "Sugar Blues" which is always music to my ears. I also enjoyed Tanya Falan with her solo number, "Sentimental Journey", Natalie Nevins and Joe Feeney teaming up for "Sweetheart" and great instrumentals by the band such as Woody Herman's "Woodchopper's Ball".

Like I mentioned earlier, Bobby Burgess & Cissy King got quite a workout on the show....dancing to the Pennsylvania Polka which was the opening number plus a medley of great dances from the 1920s to present day 1969...which chronicled Lawrence's career in music to date. Watch for their closing number doing a lil''s pure sixties!

It was a terrific show....Andra Willis also did a great job with a solo number titled "Oh Johnny" and Norma Zimmer saluted Kate Smith at the end of the show with "God Bless America".

In the hot seat tonight was Bob Ralston, who was interviewed by our Mary Lou Metzger. He talked about his mother, who was the original voice of Minnie Mouse for Walt Disney the fact in addition to playing the piano and organ...can also play the trombone and also learned to speak sixteen different languages!

That puts a capper of all the new episodes for this season...from this point on (until September 2007 I guess)....its all reruns from here but they still make for good viewing on Saturday Nights so keep watching and keep supporting your local public television station!

And by the way....Hee Haw is on this weekend on CMT, keep an eye out for the Aldridge Sisters, whom they appeared on one of the'll never know!



hagybaby said...

Thanks for your blog and website! I enjoy browsing through it while I watch the show. BTW, I thought they said that this week's show was from 1965 but maybe I heard them incorrectly. You got some great pictures at your last concert!

Jenn said...

were people lip synching during the Welk Show?

jbfunky said...

Yup, but only out of necessity. Although the maestro didn't care too much for it, he found out the singers sounded better for both TV and in the studio than just using the boom mike or everyone using microphones.