Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What A Surprise.....NOT

I know this is a little off-topic, but as a native Toledan who still lives in the Glass City....I cannot resist to comment on this matter.

Pop star, lip-synching fraud Ashlee Simpson cancelled her concert at the Toledo Zoo scheduled for last night....her promoter saying she was "sick". Well, lets just say that everyone is "sick" of her.

Am I shocked she cancelled?......UHHHHHH NO.

It's time top face the music, the only reason she's famous is because she gravy-trained her famous older sister's success....along with a boob and nose sucess, despite the fact she can't sing, has NO talent and is just plain annoying.

As you can tell, I was NEVER a fan of Miss Simpson, am I being too harsh? GOOD

Hell, I'm still surpised she still has fans period....considering ticket sales for her tour are so awful that she's reduced to doing theater and zoo venues.

Lets face it, she's NOT WITHIN A TWENTY FOOT POLE of being in the same league of Lawrence Welk and his music makers, who are the essence of class, talent and being professionals. I always prefer to watch Guy & Ralna, Anacani, Clay & Sally, Gail, Jo Ann, Ava, Mary Lou and the gang you have a chance to talk with them after the show.

Would Simpson do the same.....hardly, oh wait.....I was being to generous, make that NEVER.

Hope you enjoy your trip back to obscurity Miss Simpson, and good riddance!


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