Sunday, July 16, 2006

Buddy Merrill

Just got back this morning from Lancaster....I'll have concert pics and a review up and running this week on my webpage, in the meantime...

Today is Buddy Merrill's birthday....and it's a milestone, he turns seventy years young, hard to believe it was just yesterday that the native of Torrey, Utah appeared on the very first national broadcast of the Welk show as a nineteen year old teenage phenom with a guitar!

But for Buddy, music, the guitar and performing has always been in his blood....from playing with his father's country and western band as a kid to being of the world's best multi-tracking guitarist since Les Paul, his way with any guitar...steel, electric or acustic....results in a lifetime of musical memories and masterpieces for all.

And yes kids, Buddy can sing too!

Visit his official webpage, and don't forget to wish him a happy birthday!

There's also another webpage where you can sample his music, don't forget to go there as well!


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