Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sandi Griffiths

Today we celebrate the birthday of our favorite redhead from the world of Lawrence Welk...the lovely and talented Sandi Griffiths!

Born in the Greater Los Angeles area (actually the San Fernando Valley) as Sandi Jensen....she's one of five children to parents Mary & Garth Jensen. Sandi got her start as a singer when at age five appeared on Art Linketter's "House Party" program, and then as a teenager enrolled in Brigham Young University where she met fellow student Sally Flynn in the school's Program Bureau entertainment department. The two became friends, and singing partners throughout school and other points along the way before joining Lawrence Welk's show in 1968, and as one would say....the rest in history.
From 1968 to 1980, Sandi was an integral part of the show....singing with Sally and later with Gail Farrell and Mary Lou Metzger to form "The Trio" of Sandi, Gail and Mary Lou, which mesmerized viewers (mostly guys) with sweet three part harmonies just like fellow all girl trios like the Andrews & McGuire Sisters and the Supremes. She also had a few solo numbers as well....her most popular was her rendition of the Perry Como song, "And I Love You So".

Sandi married her college sweetheart Brent Griffiths in January 1969, they have since been the parents of seven children and numerous grandchildren. While husband Brent runs a succesful local carpet business....Sandi has completed her Bachelors Degree from BYU and is currently working on her Masters from the same school. Both are also avid travelers, globe hopping around the world to such locales such as South America, Austraila, Ireland, France and the South Pacific just to name a few. If you ever have the time, check out BYU Radio on the 'net...check the day's programming schedule and take a listen....you can listen to Sandi singing one of her songs quite often, it's worth the stream.

Happy Birthday Sandi.....we Welk fans look forward to many more years of your sweet harmonies and sweet personality!

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