Monday, February 01, 2010

Battle Of The Sexes - Sammy Kaye's "Daddy"

In the never ending battle between man and woman, we here at Welk Musical Family will try to resolve this contentious issue....with the help of a particular big band novelty song by Sammy Kaye.

You all know and love the song "Daddy (You Oughta Get The Best For Me)"

First, lets hear from the fellas (Curt Ramsey, Rocky Rockwell, Larry Dean, Aladdin & Bob Lido)

Next, we hear from the ladies (Tanya Falan, Andra Willis, Sandi Griffiths & Sally Flynn) as they serenade Larry Hooper

I hope that through music, we can be able to bridge the gender gap


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Arizona Accordion Man said...

This 1960 Big Band Show was one of the greatest ever -- great arrangements, the musicians on the very top of their game, high energy, creative showmanship -- the whole nine yards.