Sunday, February 28, 2010

There are some kinds of Rhythm that's none of our business.....

.....however, this is not one of them.

This week's episode, "Rhythm is our Business" has got it and then some. And by that, I mean it has a very special guest star.

Here's country music star and two time CMA Entertainer of the Year Barbara Mandrell!

Just to be clear, her sisters Irlene and Louise don't appear this episode....the same goes for Truck Shackley and the Texas Critters

But this week's show still has plenty of highlights! Such as....

Mary Lou and Jack making a ruckus at the library

Neil Levang fiddling around....

.....which Guy & Ralna find themselves square dancing.

RHYTHM IS OUR BUSINESS - February 2, 1980

1. CRAZY RHYTHM - Jimmy, Ralna, Guy, Ava, Curt (Ramsey), Sheila, Roger, Mary Lou, David, Sherry, Jim, Joe, Gail (Farrell), Ken, Kathie
3. GETTING TO KNOW YOU - the orchestra
4. I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU - guest star Barbara Mandrell
5. PASO DOBLE - danced by Bobby Burgess and Elaine Balden

6. THE SWEETEST SOUNDS - Kathie Sullivan
7. CUMANA - Bob Ralston at the piano with orchestra
8. JAMAICA FAREWELL - Jim Turner (with guitar) with Paul Humphrey and Jack Imel on drums
9. THE ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL - Guy Hovis & Ralna English with fiddlers Neil Levang, Bob Lido, Joe Livoti and Harry Hyams
10. THE VILLAGE INN POLKA - Myron Floren at accordion with Bobby & Elaine dancing

11. MEDLEY OF SONGS BY LEROY ANDERSON (including Blue Tango) - the orchestra with George Cates conducting
12. TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS - Barbara Mandrell with Neil Levang at guitar
13. MEDLEY INCLUDING BALLIN' THE JACK AND THE OLD SOFT SHOE - Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel joined by Kathie Sullivan
15. DEAR HEART - Jimmy Roberts with Bob Ralston at the organ and Ernie Erhardt at the cello

16. THE TWIST - The Aldridge Sisters (Sherry & Sheila) and Otwell Twins (David & Roger) with Russ Klein on saxophone
17. WAY DOWN YONDER IN NEW ORLEANS - Ken Delo with Bob Havens on trombone
18. RHYTHM IS HIS BUSINESS - tap dancing by Arthur Duncan and sung by Gail, Ralna, Kathie, Anacani, Sherry and Sheila
19. BOOGIE WOOGIE - the orchestra

This was a great episode, and giving that it's a rhythm show....having the caliber of talent and fame of a Barbara Mandrell was a perfect fit.

Did you know that she could play both the lap steel and pedal steel guitars, as well as the accordion, saxophone and banjo? If the chance was ever presented, she could have been ideal as a regular member of the Musical Family....either with the vocalists or as a member of the orchestra, or even both!

Until next time, since many PBS stations like mine will be in pledge drive mode, keep a song in your heart and always proclaim your allegiance to country music, even when it's not cool.

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