Sunday, May 25, 2008


And now this week, the music makers pay salute to the men and women and their form of this show that first aired on March 8, 1969.

Here's the opening number, "The Trolley Song" the gang head off for work.

Next, we go to outer space with Sandi & Sally as astronauts as they sing, "We'll Make It To The Moon Tonight".

Here's Cissy King giving Bobby Burgess dance lessons.....

Now we find Dick Dale working on the lines first as a Wichita Lineman while Tanya plays operator next with the number "Call Me".

....and just to clarify, this version of Call Me is not and I repeat NOT the one Deborah Harry and Blondie sang that became a Top Ten hit in 1980.

Next, backstage at a cattle call.....officer Joe Feeney joins aspiring singer Natalie Nevins with "Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral" which by the way is an Irish Lullaby.

And Frank Scott does a great job with the piano work here....

Other fine numbers include "Penthouse Serenade" by Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts, Andra Willis with "Salt & Pepper", Myron Floren with the Circus Polka and Larry Hooper with "Sixteen Tons".

This week, Mary Lou has Jack Imel in the hot seat....and as always, Professor Spoons has plenty to say.

See you next week for more Welk fun on public television, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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Anonymous said...

This was just one more enjoyable episode in the long line of great Lawrence Welk shows.