Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big Band Sounds.......more like We Can Make Music '73

This week takes us to the episode first aired September 8, 1973; OETA says "Big Band Sounds" but I call it "We Can Make Music".

I also have a feeling this show also aired as part of the "Memories With Lawrence Welk" syndication package from the 1980s as you can see the Maestro at the golf course.

The show opens with the gang singing, "We Can Make Music"'s so good they play it again!

Turns out during the "Memories With..." era, repeating numbers to fill out air time was a common practice.....but let's move on, shall we?

The trio is featured here singing "Yellow Bird" one of the songs from a medley skit of Welk favorites such as "Moon River", "Winchester Cathedral", "Baby Elephant Walk " and "Calcutta".

Also, here's Johnny Zell swinging out on the trumpet to the theme from "Love Story".

Other great numbers include Tanya's "We Only Just Begun", Anacani with "Spanish Eyes", Henry Cuesta playing "Stardust" on the clarinet and Clay Hart with "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree".

As for the finale....Ralna English sings her signature song, "How Great Thou Art."

In the interview portion of the show, Mary Lou has Bill Trash on the hot seat.

Oh, if you're wondering who Billy is....he's works at OETA, directing the Welk shows and also serves as producer of their PBS specials as well. He also enjoyed a long career in Oklahoma television and brought the world Mary Hart, now the populat co-host of Entertainment Tonight who has her legs insured by Lloyd's Of London.

That's it for this week....keep a song in your heart!