Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hump Day

Springtime in Toledo brings flowers, birds, sunshine....

....and orange barrels, always alot of fun (**SARCASM**) when you're driving in Ohio.

And on top of Sirius radio crapped out on me, me thinks it's a sinister plot by the powers of regular AM & FM radio in an act of sabotage.

But that's just me on to more pleasant thoughts

I did my part voting for Gail Farrell's song (You Can Do Anything) in the American Idol Songwriter 2008 contest, the full ten stars.

Have you voted yet....If not, whaddya waiting for?!

Go to American Idol's webpage and to quote Larry the Cable Guy, "Git Er Done!"



Amy said...

I have tried to do my part by submitting my vote as well as emailing at least 100 other people to vote! "You Can Do Anything" is such a beautiful song, and as Gail knows it will soon be a very special part of an important event in my son's life. ~Amy

jbfunky said...

WOW! A hundred that's what I call the power of the Welk Army!

Whether or not Gail wins, one thing is for sure, it won't be lack of support.